Aim for the Heart

Aim for the Heart
Write, Shoot, Report and Produce for TV and Multimedia

Second Edition

© 2012 | 360 pages | CQ Press

Al Tompkins reminds students about a disarmingly simple truth about broadcast journalism: people remember what they feel. If you aim for the heart with the copy you write and the sound and video you capture, you will never fail to grab your viewers and compel them to keep watching. With humor, honesty and directness, Tompkins bottles his years of experience and insight in a new second edition that offers students the fundamentals they need to master, with the practical know-how they can immediately put to use. Aim for the Heart is as close as you can get to having Tompkins’s training sessions at the ready, from which students:

• learn to listen when interviewing;

• write an inviting lead;

• get a memorable soundbite;

• see how to light, crop, frame and edit compelling video;

• learn the art of being a one man band, and

• translate their broadcast story into an interactive online story.

1. Aim for the Heart
2. The Shape of the Story
3. Find Memorable Characters
4. Write Inviting Leads
5. Verbs and Adjectives
6. The Art of the Interview
7. Why Pictures are So Powerful
8. The Vital Role of Lighting
9. Video and Visual Techniques
10. Caution, This May Get Graphic: Thinking Visually
11. The Sound of the Story
12. Working as a Backpack, VJ and One-Man Band Journalist
13. Tell the Story Online
14. Ethics and Broadcast Journalists: Seek Truth and Report as Fully as Possible
15. Ethics and Broadcast Journalists: Act Independently
16. Ethics and Broadcast Journalists: Minimize Harm
17. Let's Get Critical
18. The Power of Enterprise Reporting
19. Surviving and Thriving in Today's Newsroom

The textbook provides a basic platform from which the students, as a working journalist, can begin to visualise a story for broadcast or on the web.

Mr Kristian Low
Journalism, Southampton Solent University
April 4, 2012

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