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American Government- Vantage Digital Option

American Government- Vantage Digital Option
Stories of a Nation

Fourth Edition

December 2022 | CQ Press
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Chapter 1. American Political Stories: Claiming Rights, Demanding to Be Heard
Chapter 2. The Constitution of the United States: A New Vision of Representative Government
Chapter 3. Federalism: The Changing Boundaries between the Nation and the States
Chapter 4. Civil Liberties: Building and Defending Fences
Chapter 5. Civil Rights: How Equal is Equal?
Chapter 6. Political Participation: Carry That Weight
Chapter 7. Public Opinion: How Are Americans’ Voices Measured, and Do They Matter?
Chapter 8. The Media: Truth, Trust, and Power
Chapter 9. Political Parties: The Insurgents versus the Establishment
Chapter 10. Campaigns and Elections: Candidates and Voters in a Time of Uncertainty and Change
Chapter 11. Interest Groups and Social Movements: Collective Action, Power, and Representation
Chapter 12. Congress: Representation, Organization, and Legislation
Chapter 13. The American Presidency: Individuals, Institutions, and Power
Chapter 14. The Federal Bureaucracy: Putting the Nation’s Laws into Effect
Chapter 15. The Federal Judiciary: Politics, Power, and the “Least Dangerous” Branch
Chapter 16. Domestic Public Policy: The Politics of Promoting the General Welfare
Chapter 17. Economic Policy: Representing Americans’ Financial Interests
Chapter 18. Foreign Policy: Advancing American Interests in an Uncertain and Changing World

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