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An A-Z of Creative Teaching in Higher Education

An A-Z of Creative Teaching in Higher Education

December 2017 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This is a rich source of innovative approaches to learning and teaching in HE. It addresses some common issues faced by lecturers, and includes case studies and practical suggestions for teaching. The text takes a critical approach to exploring themes from different perspectives and highlights important and recent theory in the field.

Chapters cover themes such as creating enabling learning environments, supporting students to learn constructively in large groups, working with international learners, embedding employability skills and developing self-directed (or ‘flipped’) learning resources. Each section has practical examples from a range of subject disciplines along with links to further reading.

This is an essential guide to teaching and learning for new and experienced practitioners in higher education, those seeking professional accreditation and those wanting to improve the experience of students.

Visit the A-Z of Creative Teaching in HE blog, where Rachel and Sylvia explore ways in which we can approach teaching and learning creatively in Higher Education so that all students thrive.

A is for Action
B is for Blue Skies
C is for Communication
D is for Design
E is for Emotion
F is for Flexible
G is for Groups
H is for Whole
I is for Internationalisation
J is for Joy
K is for Knowledge
L is for Listening
M is for Metalearning
N is for No One Excluded
O is for Occupations
P is for Presentation
Q is for Quiet
R is for Room
S is for Skilful
T is for Tales
U is for Understanding
V is for Visuals
W is for Wellbeing
X is for Expectations
Y is for Why
Z is for Zzzzzzz

Sample Materials & Chapters

A is for Action