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An Introduction to Health Services Research

An Introduction to Health Services Research
A Practical Guide

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This is a primary, comprehensive textbook for people who are considering undertaking a piece of health-related research. It is an accessible companion with the aim of getting the reader to think broadly about all of the issues that need to be considered when embarking on a project.

This is a pragmatic book, a step-by-step guide to research which mirrors the structure of a research project, taking you through the thought process for designing and conducting your study from formulating the right research question at idea inception, ascertaining what methodologies and analysis can answer what type of questions, right through to dissemination, all presented in an easy, digestible style.

The book is full of case study illustrations and practical tips such as how to work out a research budget and obtaining funding for your project, discussion of what permissions need to obtained when conducting research with people, and how to involve public and patients. The authors are all experienced researchers and so this book is an accumulation of collective wisdom on common research challenges and issues.

Part One – Getting Started
Asking the Right Question
Finding the Evidence to Support your Research Question
Critical Appraisal
Developing an Effective Research
Budget and Funding
Part Two – General Methodologies
Quantitative Methodology
Qualitative Methodology
Mixed Methods
Part Three – Specific Methodologies
Health Economics
Clinical Trials
The Internet as a Research Medium
Systematic Reviews
Part Four – Conducting Valid, and Ethical Research
Ethics and Informed Consent
Public Patient Involvement
Recruitment and Retention
Part Five – Analysis and Dissemination
Quantitative Analysis
Qualitative Analysis

Health services research is a growing multidisciplinary field of research which seeks to investigate the complex world of healthcare provision, its effects and costs. This text, written by experts in the field, provides a highly accessible resource for researchers, from novice to more experienced.

Niroshan Siriwardena, Professor of Primary & Pre-Hospital Health Care
University of Lincoln

A ‘practical guide’ that is much more than a reliable tool for conducting high quality Health Services Research, this  book takes the academic, the student and the professional on a meaningful “journey” from formulating a research question all the way to analysis and delivery. This will deservedly occupy a visible place on the researcher’s desk rather than the shelf. The Chapter ‘Budget and Funding’ is a gem!

Dr Yannis Pappas, Head of PhD School
Institute for Health Research, University of Bedfordshire

This edited book, with its experienced range of contributors and wide coverage of areas, is a very important practical guide for anyone conducting health services research

Mike Saks, Research Professor, University Campus Suffolk
Mike Saks, Research Professor, University Campus Suffolk
Mike Saks, Research Professor, University Campus Suffolk

The authors have managed to convey information in a highly accessible manner and the text is littered with well constructed diagrams, tables and case studies. In addition, despite each chapter having been written by different groups of authors, there is cross-referencing between chapters that enables the reader to know that other information about a particular issue is presented elsewhere in the book... In the preface, Walker has written, ‘This book will provide enough information for you to make an informed decision whether you would like to take your idea forward, and whether it is possible to do so’. The book achieves this and more, and thus represents a good investment for those with an interest in health services research.

Mark Mackay, School of Medicine, Flinders University Adelaide
Australian Journal of Primary Health

The book brings a modern approach to research by including chapters on using the Internet as a research medium and engaging with members of the public. The chapter on obtaining funding will appeal to those practitioners working within a restricted budget... It is well laid out, easy to read and uses case studies and published empirical research to underpin the information detailed in each chapter, which also include a full reference list and further reading.?????????

Julie Quick, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
The Association for Perioperative Practice

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An Introduction to Health Services Research: Asking the Right Questions

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