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An Introduction to Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy

An Introduction to Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy

April 2013 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Introducing the basic principles of research theory and practice, this book is the ideal starter text for any counselling trainee or practitioner learning about the research process for the first time.

Structured around common training topics, the book:

- Explains why you need to do research at all: what it is, why it's important and its historical and philosophical context

- Guides you through the confusing mass of research literature

- Covers the ins and outs of actually doing research: practical and ethical issues

- Helps you get the most out of research - how to evaluate the outcomes and use research to investigate the process of therapy.

Written in a language familiar to first-year trainees and using a range of features to enhance learning, this accessible introduction will equip both trainees and qualified therapists with the essential nuts and bolts to understand research.

John McLeod is Emeritus Professor of Counselling at the University of Abertay Dundee and adjunct Professor at the University of Oslo, Norway.

About the author
Why Research Is Important
Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy: A Historical Overview
How Do We Know What We Know? The Philosophical Context of Research
Entering the World of Therapy Research: Finding Your Way Around the Research Literature
Doing Research: Practical and Ethical Issues
Understanding Quantitative Methods
Understanding Qualitative Methods
Evaluating the Outcomes of Counselling and Psychotherapy
Investigating the Process of Therapy
Critical Issues in Research on Counselling and Psychotherapy: Continuing the Conversation

'This book provides an excellent access route into counselling and psychotherapy research for trainees and practitioners alike. It does a great job in de-mystifying research and conveying the sense that research is something really everyone can understand and do.'

Dr Andreas Vossler,
Director of the Foundation Degree in Counselling at The Open University

McLeod has a capacity to take the most complex (and sometimes potentially boring) subject and bring it to life in writing that is clear, accessible and just simply very readable...Having read this book from beginning to end, there is simply nothing bad I want to say about it. I would unquestioningly and without hesitation recommend it to any new or, indeed, experienced counselling and psychotherapy researcher and it will become, I have no doubt, a key text.

Andrew Reeves
Former Editor of Counselling and Psychotherapy Research
Therapy Today

A good academic resource for introducing trainee counsellors to the intricacies of research in the counselling professions. It offers a historical contextual overview of research and its importance for the profession.The basic principles of research are explained in a clear and accessible way, demystifying the wide assumption that research is difficult to understand and to apply. Each chapter includes helpful exercises to help solidify learning.

Mrs Ana Paula Wellbrook
Counselling and Psychology, City Lit
October 12, 2023

Excellent update and will be on course reading list

Mr Jack Rochon
Psychology, University of South Wales
February 9, 2015

very good research, even for beginners- lots of examples and reasons for the inclusion of research within the arena of counselling

Mrs Debbie Mccallum
Community Studies, Truro College
December 10, 2014

This is an excellent, clearly written text that provides first time researchers with clear guidance on undertaking a research study. It de-mystifies research and discusses how relevant research is to counselling and psychotherapy.

Mrs Gillian Harrison
Dept of Counselling, Cleveland & Redcar College
September 24, 2014

Another excellent text from John McLeod on the subject of research in counselling. A good resource for students on my foundation degree in counselling

John Marsden
School of Law and Justice and Community Studies B, Blackburn College
May 30, 2014

This a well-written book which I use for my counselling students. I use this book and so far the comments I have from students is that it helps them a lot in thier journey to counselling and psychotherapy.

Dr George Varvatsoulias
Counselling, Newham College of Further Education
May 28, 2014

I will recommend this to my year 2 students starting their research module.

Mr Richard Palmer
Humanities, Weston College
May 10, 2014

This text has been recommended to our students. It has some very useful methods for carrying out research in a counselling and general psychology wide area. My students are going to use it for research methods on the human behaviour module.
Thank you.

Mr Adam Spiller
Teacher Education, Peterborough Regional College
April 16, 2014

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1 - Why Research is Important