An Introduction to Systematic Reviews

An Introduction to Systematic Reviews

Second Edition

April 2017 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Focused on actively using systematic review as method, An Introduction to Systematic Reviews provides clear, step-by-step advice on the logic and processes of systematic reviewing.

Stressing the importance of precision and accuracy, this practical text carefully balances a need for insightful theory with real-world pragmatism. The Second Edition features a new chapter on statistical synthesis and introduces a wide range of cutting-edge approaches to research synthesis, including text mining, living reviews, and new ideas in mixed methods reviews, such as qualitative comparative analysis.

Packed with examples from across the social sciences, this book helps students and researchers alike in turning systematic reviews into recommendations for policy and practice.
David Gough, Sandy Oliver and James Thomas
Introducing systematic reviews
Rebecca Rees and Sandy Oliver
Stakeholder perspectives and participation in reviews
David Gough and James Thomas
Commonality and diversity in reviews
Sandy Oliver, Kelly Dickson, Mukdarut Bangpan, and Mark Newman
Getting started with a review
Ginny Brunton, Claire Stansfield, Jenny Caird, and James Thomas
Finding relevant studies
Katy Sutcliffe, Sandy Oliver and Michelle Richardson
Describing and analysing studies
Jeff Brunton, James Thomas, and Sergio Graziosi
Tools and technologies for information management
James Thomas, Alison O’Mara-Eves, Angela Harden, and Mark Newman
Synthesis methods for combining and configuring textual or mixed methods data
James Thomas, Alison O’Mara-Eves, Dylan Kneale and Ian Shemilt
Synthesis methods for combining and configuring quantitative data
Kristin Liabo, David Gough and Angela Harden
Developing justifiable evidence claims
David Gough, Ruth Stewart and Janice Tripney
Using research findings
Key features


  • A new chapter on statistical synthesis
  • Coverage of computer-assisted methods and relevant software
  • Expanded sections on data extraction and management
  • A guide to working with many different types of data including longitudinal and panel

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