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An Invitation to Environmental Sociology

An Invitation to Environmental Sociology

Sixth Edition

September 2020 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written in a lively, engaging style, An Invitation to Environmental Sociology is a text that covers the broad range of topics in environmental sociology with a personal passion rarely seen in sociology texts. The book's unique organization explores three different kinds of question about interactions between humans and the natural world: the material, the ideal, and the practical.

Chapter 1. Environmental Problems and Society
Part I. The Material
Chapter 2. Health and Justice
Chapter 3. Consumption and Materialism
Chapter 4. Money and Markets
Chapter 5. Technology and Science
Chapter 6. Population and Development
Part II. The Ideal
Chapter 7. The Ideology of Environmental Domination
Chapter 8. The Ideology of Environmental Concern
Chapter 9. The Human Nature of Nature
Part III. The Practical
Chapter 10. Mobilizing the Just Ecological Society
Chapter 11. Transitioning to the Just Ecological Society
Chapter 12. Living in the Just Ecological Society
About the Authors
Key features



  • Develops the notion of normal environmentalism as a practical application of environmental sociology to real-world problems.
  • Offers an integration of environmental social movement theory.
  • Discusses the latest theoretical trends in environmental sociology, including metabolic rift, biopolitics, environmental flows, the Jevons paradox, disproportionality, degrowth, and participatory governance.
  • Presents evocative sketches that open each chapter.

The Sixth Edition has been restructured, with 13 chapters from the previous edition reorganized into a 12-chapter format.
A new Ch. 2 focuses on issues of environmental justice and health.
Ch. 1 has a new discussion of environmental justice across species that addresses questions of disappearing species and landscapes.
Ch. 4 (Money and Markets) has a discussion about Rock Steady Farm, a new paradigm of economic and ecological sustainability.
Ch. 7 on the ideology of environmental domination includes new material on ideologies of heterosexism.
Ch. 12 has a new section on greening our cities.

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ISBN: 9781506366012