Analyzing Qualitative Data

Analyzing Qualitative Data
Systematic Approaches

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Congratulations to H. Russell Bernard, who was recently elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences
"This book does what few others even attempt—to survey a wide range of systematic analytic approaches. I commend the authors for both their inclusiveness and their depth of treatment of various tasks and approaches." —Judith Preissle, University of Georgia  

"I appreciate the unpretentious tone of the book. The authors provide very clear instructions and examples of many different ways to collect and analyze qualitative data and make it clear that there is no one correct way to do it." —Cheryl Winsten-Bartlett, North Central University  

"The analytical methodologies are laid out very well, and I will definitely utilize the book with students regarding detailed information and steps to conduct systematic and rigorous data analysis." —Dorothy Aguilera, Lewis & Clark College  

This book introduces readers to systematic methods for analyzing qualitative data. Unlike other texts, it covers the extensive range of available methods so that readers become aware of the array of techniques beyond their individual disciplines. Part I is an overview of the basics. Part II comprises 11 chapters, each treating a different method for analyzing text. Real examples from the literature across the health and social sciences provide invaluable applied understanding.

Chapter 1. Introduction to Text: Qualitative Data Analysis
Chapter 2. Collecting Data
Chapter 3. Finding Themes
Chapter 4. Codebooks and Coding
Chapter 5. Introduction to Data Analysis
Chapter 6. Conceptual Models
Chapter 7. First Steps in Analysis: Comparing Attributes of Variables
Chapter 8. Cultural Domain Analysis: Free Lists, Judged Similarities, and Taxonomies
Chapter 9. KWIC Analysis, Word Counts, and Semantic Network Analysis
Chapter 10. Discourse Analysis: Conversation and Performance
Chapter 11. Narrative Analysis
Chapter 12. Grounded Theory
Chapter 13. Content Analysis
Chapter 14. Schema Analysis
Chapter 15. Analytic Induction and Qualitative Comparative Analysis
Chapter 16. Ethnographic Decision Models
Chapter 17. Sampling
Appendix: Resources for Analyzing Qualitative Data
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"This book is well suited for a novice in qualitative research, as the chapters are written in a clear and simple style. Those who are more experienced in qualitative research could include this in their collection because it is comprehensive and replete with examples from studies that illustrate the content."

Shelley Victor
Nova Southeastern University
The Qualitative Report

This book provides an essential resource for any scholar interested in qualitative research. It gives a solid introduction with practical tips and examples of how to analyse qualitative data in a systematic and rigorous way. It is very well written and clearly structured, making it a valuable resource both for instructors and students.

Dr Oliver Schwarz
Faculty of Social Sciences, University Duisburg-Essen
February 12, 2016

This is a specialized book. It covers all aspects of qualitative data analysis in details. It is an excellent book for a course in qualitative data analysis. But my course is an introductory course in qualitative methods. For this purpose the book is too detailed and specialized. I was hoping to be able to use chapters of it, but found out that it was not easy to include separate chapters.

Dr Babak Farshchian
Dept of Computer and Info Science, Norwegian University of Science & Tech
April 19, 2015

This text is especially strong in offering concrete and practical examples of how to conceptualize, gather, and analyze qualitative data. For students who are new to this approach to research, this text offers a fresh, interesting, and engaging approach.

Dr Jay Memmott
Social Work, University of South Dakota Health Science Center
June 24, 2015

The focus on different kinds of qualitative analysis techniques is very welcome.

Dr Thomas Matheus
Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University
February 20, 2015

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