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Analyzing Social Networks

Analyzing Social Networks

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© 2013 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Written by a stellar team of experts, Analyzing Social Networks is a practical book on how to collect, visualize, analyze, and interpret social network data with a particular emphasis on the use of the software tools UCINET and Netdraw.

The book includes a clear and detailed introduction to the fundamental concepts of network analyses, including centrality, subgroups, equivalence, and network structure, as well as cross-cutting chapters that helpfully show how to apply network concepts to different kinds of networks.

Written using simple language and notation with few equations, this book masterfully covers the research process, including:
  • The initial design stage
  • Data collection and manipulation
  • Measuring key variables
  • Exploration of structure
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Interpretation
This is an essential resource for students, researchers and practitioners across the social sciences who want to use network analysis as part of their research.

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Mathematical Foundations
Research Design
Data Collection
Data Management
Multivariate Techniques Used in Network Analysis
Testing Hypotheses
Characterizing Whole Networks
Analyzing Two-Mode Data
Large Networks
Ego Networks


'Literature concerning social network analysis has been enriched by one more book dealing with this phenomenon. [...] The examples are drawn from a variety of fields – anthropology, sociology, management, and health care. The book could be useful for a broad range of specialists in different scientific spheres. The book is a general introduction to doing network analysis based on network theory and focused on methodology of research design and data collection'

Stanislava Yordanova Stoyanova


'The authors have divided each chapter into short sections that make it easy to read since they orient the reader to the needed content. Almost all sections are supported with graphs, figures and tables that explain the different research steps a social network analyst should go through starting from the design to the interpretation of results. For the authors to satisfy a larger audience, they have employed a simple language that students, researchers, teachers and practitioners can understand. All in all, the book remains an excellent reference and guide to help a worker in SNA succeed in his analysis especially with the wide number of illustrations, figures and examples present all though the book'

Nadia Idri

The best introduction to the analysis of social networks. All the basic techniques are there, easily digestible and ready to apply to tangible research problems. 

Michael Schwartz, Professor
Stony Brook University

We've been waiting for this book for a long time. Masters of their craft, Borgatti, Everett and Johnson guide us through the excitement and challenges of social network analysis. It will be your companion on all of your analytic journeys.

Barry Wellman, S.D. Clark Professor of Sociology
University of Toronto

This book is a well-written, comprehensive introduction to the must-know techniques of social network analysis. Drawing from their discipline overarching, rich experience with social network data from various backgrounds, the authors make SNA’s concepts and algorithms accessible, turning them into powerful research tools for their readers.

Christian Steglich
Sociology, Unversity of Groningen

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