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Applied Statistics with SPSS

Applied Statistics with SPSS

February 2007 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Accessibly written and easy to use, Applied Statistics Using SPSS is an all-in-one self-study guide to SPSS and do-it-yourself guide to statistics. What is unique about Eelko Huizingh's approach is that this book is based around the needs of undergraduate students embarking on their own research project, and its self-help style is designed to boost the skills and confidence of those that will need to use SPSS in the course of their research project.

The book is pedagogically well developed and contains many screen dumps and exercises, glossary terms, and worked examples. Divided into three parts, Applied Statistics Using SPSS covers:
  • A self-study guide for learning how to use SPSS
  • A reference guide for selecting the appropriate statistical technique
  • A stepwise do-it-your-self guide for analyzing data and interpreting the results
Geared explicitly for undergraduate needs, this is an easy to follow SPSS book that should provide a step-by-step guide to research design and data analysis using SPSS.

Background to SPSS for Windows
The Use of SPSS in Statistical Research
From Data Source to Data File
Session 1
The First Steps

Session 2
Charts and Computations

Session 3
Performing Statistical Analyses

Designing and Conducting Questionnaires with Data Entry
Creating a Data File
Computation and Classification of Variables
Selecting, Sorting and Weighting Cases
Merging, Aggregating and Transposing Data Files
Describing Your Data
Analyzing Multiple Responses
Describing Groups and Testing the Differences
Analysis of Variance
Correlation and Regression
Non-parametric Tests
Customising SPSS

Lacks the statistical theory other books do provide.

Dr Dick Heinhuis
Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam
February 20, 2015

I don't think this book is engaging enough for students, and I have found better alternatives.

Dr Sara Johnson
Psychology, George Williams College
October 22, 2012

i didnt recieve it till now

Dr Ibrahim Alsahouly
Business Administration , Misr International University
July 25, 2012

Still prefer Salkind's statistics book for overall simplicity and integration with SPSS. However, this is a very good supplemental text.

Dr Valerie Herzog
Health Promo Human Perf Dept, Weber State University
September 12, 2011

The book is really pedagogical and great way of introducing my students to the basic SPSS methods analysis.

In my opinion, it will be needed more examples, I mean, making more exercices with different data for each specific statistical test learned.
The rest, great.

Professor Jose-luis Hervas-oliver
Management , Polythecnic University of Valencia
February 17, 2011

Applied Statistics with SPSS is a well written text which we recommend as an entry level book for anyone doing quantitative project work using SPSS. This book has been well received by honours and masters students undertaking dissertation work which have a statistical element. Of particular significance was Part II (7) ‘Working with SPSS and Data Entry’ which many students reported as being the most important section of the book as it describes designing and conducting questionnaires with data entry. Other parts of the book which were very useful were (11) ‘Merging, aggregating and transposing data files’; and (12) Describing your data. Other sections of this book were found to be helpful, but sections 7, 11, and 12 were reported to be the most used parts of the book by students, as other books could not be found which covered the area as comprehensively as Huizingh.

Mr Gary McKenna
School of Computing, University of the West of Scotland
November 5, 2010

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