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Assessing Learning in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Assessing Learning in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Third Edition

June 2011 | 136 pages | Learning Matters
Assessment theory and practice forms an integral part of the knowledge and understanding required to achieve QTLS. This book is a practical guide and comprehensive introduction to this broad and complex subject area. The text includes chapters on the different types of assessment, feedback, recording, evaluation and inclusive practice and covers e-assessment. Interactive activities are included throughout to help trainees reflect on and develop their own views. This third edition includes coverage of new units of assessment for workplace assessors (TAQA).

Thinking about assessment
Diagnostic assessment, AP(E)L and ipsative assessment
Formative and summative assessment
Validity and reliability
Assessment methods
Recording and tracking assessment information
Equality or opportunity and inclusive practice
ILT and e-assessment

Clearly written and shows the different methods of assessment.

Mrs Sharon Lock
Comm, Adult Education Centre
August 8, 2013

This book is helpful to all those who are studying towards a teaching qualification. Helps to train new teachers in the principals of assessment and learning, gives assistance on reflection methods and includes activities/case studies of real life experiences, to stimulate ideas and discussion in the classroom.

Mrs Helen Middleton
Caring, Cardiff and Vale College
June 30, 2013

Well written and comprehensive with excellent assessment methods covered in full. A must have for anyone new to teaching in the lifelong learning sector where assessing learners in a pro-active and creative way will bring out the best

Mr Vernon Ambris
care , paragon skills for industry
May 15, 2013

Well written easy to understand

Mrs Theresa Rowland
Teacher Training, Adult Education Centre
February 6, 2013

useful, nothing changed massively since the previous edition

Mrs Karen Gray
Teacher Education, Simply-Training
October 3, 2012

This book could be used to express the importance of correct and appropriate assessment in ITT and LLS. The book is easy to follow and gives several points of reference to allow the reader to follow and link to practice effectively.

Mr Dale Munday
Initial Teacher Training, JHP Academy
October 1, 2012

This is recommended for students on the Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement course. It is a clear and accessible book with useful references for further study. The book covers all the main concepts and issues that assessors need to understand and it also contains illustrative extracts from student learning journals that help to maintain reader interest. It would also be useful for a CTLLS or DTLLS qualification.

Ms Sandra Rennie
Health and Social Care, Forster Community College
August 22, 2012

This updated version is as helpful as the original in enabling learners to gain a comprehensive understanding of issues around assessment in Lifelong Learning.

Georgia McCrone
Teacher Education and Training, Blackpool and the Fylde College
July 4, 2012

A concise and well-laid out book. Although aimed at teachers wanting to achieve QTLS it would be useful for those on teacher training and TAQA courses as well. For TAQA it provides a different approach to the standard texts giving additional information for learners.

Mrs Janice Farley
Skills for Life, Adult Education Centre
June 23, 2012

A good text book that helps trainees develop a deeper understanding of assessment in the LLS

Mr Russell Shobrook
Faculty of Education, University of Plymouth
June 21, 2012

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