Assessment for Effective Intervention

Assessment for Effective Intervention

and SAGE in association with the Council for Educational Diagnostic Services

Erica Lembke University of Missouri, USA

eISSN: 19387458 | ISSN: 15345084 | Current volume: 42 | Current issue: 3 Frequency: Quarterly
Assessment for Effective Interventions provides critical analysis of practitioner-developed assessment procedures, as well as papers that focus on published tests. The journal features articles that describe the relationship between assessment and instruction, introduce innovative assessment strategies, outline diagnostic procedures, analyze relationships between existing instruments, and review assessment techniques, strategies, and instrumentation.

Articles published in Assessment for Effective Intervention are relevant for practicing educational diagnosticians, special educators, psychologists, academic trainers, and others interested in psychoeducational assessment. The primary purpose of the journal is to publish empirically sound manuscripts that have implications for practitioners.

published in Assessment for Effective
(AEI) are relevant for practicing educational diagnosticians,
special educators, psychologists, academic trainers, and others interested in
psychoeducational assessment. The primary purpose of the journal is to publish
empirically sound manuscripts that have implications for practitioners.

Associate Editors
Amy Barth Buena vista University
Elizabeth Hughes Pennsylvania State University, USA
Yaacov Petscher Florida Center for Reading Research
Tyler L. Renshaw Louisiana State University, USA
Jessica R. Toste University of Texas at Austin, USA
Consultant Editors
Vassilios S. Argyropoulos University of Thessaly, Greece
Sherry Mee Bell The University of Tennessee
Joseph E. Betts Pearson VUE
Rachelle Bruno Northern Kentucky University
Mack Burke Texas A&M University, USA
Heather Campbell St. Olaf College
Theodore J. Christ University of Wisconsin
Nathan H. Clemens The University of Texas
David Coker University of Delaware
Tai Collins University of Cincinnati
Clayton R. Cook University of Washington
Lindy Crawford Texas Christian University
Franci Crepeau-Hobson University of Colorado Denver
Kelli D. Cummings University of Maryland
Evan Dart University of Southern Mississippi
Rebecca Davis Eastern New Mexico University
Nick Elksnin Learning & Evaluation Resources
Ruth Ervin University of British Columbia, Canada
Chris Espin Leiden University
David Evans University of Sydney
Carl Ferguson CSU - Monterey Bay
Aaron Fischer University of Utah
Lindsay J. Flynn The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Jeremy Ford Boise State University
Brian F. French Washington State University, USA
Lynn Fuchs Vanderbilt University, USA
Michael Grosche University of Wuppertal, Germany
Matthias Gruenke University of Cologne
Tom Gumpel The Hebrew University
Colby Hall The University of Texas at Austin
Sahbi Hidri Université de Tunis
Robin Hojnoski Lehigh University
Roxanne Hudson University of Washington, USA
Austin H. Johnson University of California, Riverside
Devin Kearns University of Connecticut, USA
Stephen P. Kilgus University of Missouri
Christopher J. Lemons Vanderbilt University
Jessica Logan The Ohio State University
Anna Long Louisiana State University
Rebecca S. Martinez Indiana University
Kent McIntosh University of Oregon
Kristen McMaster University of Minnesota
Faith Miller University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Angeliki Mouzaki University of Crete
Peter Nelon ServeMinnesota
Eric Oslund Middle Tennessee State University
Alexandra Panahon Minnesota State University
Sarah Powell University of Texas, Austin
Jamie Quinn The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk
Keith Radley University of Southern Mississippi
Katherine Rhodes The Ohio State University
Robert D. Richardson Canyons School District
Chris Riley-Tillman University of Missouri
Mandy Rispoli Purdue University, USA
Kristen D. Ritchey University of Delaware
Kelly P. Robbins Canyons School District
Jay W. Rojewski University of Georgia
Karen Rooney Educational Enterprises, Inc.
Lisa M. Sanetti University of Connecticut, USA
Elizabeth Schaughency University of Otago
Pamela Seethaler Vanderbilt University
Karim Shabani Amirabad University of Tehran
Emily J. Solari University of California - Davis
Joe Sutton Exceptional Diagnostics, Inc.
Martha L. Thurlow University of Minnesota–Minneapolis
Elizabeth Tighe Georgia State University
Tammy Tolar University of Houston
Ethan Van Norman Georgia State University
Amanda VenDerHeyden Education Research and Consulting, Inc.
Jeanne Wanzek Vanderbilt University, USA
Sara E. Witmer Michigan State University, USA
Suzanne Woods-Groves The University of Iowa
Rebecca Zumeta American Institutes for Research
Student Editorial Board
Abdullah Abdulmohsen Alwahbi University of Iowa, USA
Danielle Becker University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Sara W. Bosik University of Colorado, Denver, USA
Gunnar Bruns University of Wuppertal, Germany
Daniel Clark University of Connecticut, USA
Amanda Clifford University of Otago
Christin Coppicus University of Cologne
Lauren Cozad The Pennsylvania State University
Lisa Didion University of Texas at Austin
Aria Fiat University of Minnesota, USA
Katie Flatley Lehigh University, USA
Theresa Gerlach University of Potsdam, Germany
Cody Gion University of Oregon
Emily Gregori Purdue University
Michelle Hinzman The University of Iowa
Austin Jennings University of Delaware, USA
Kayla Kilpatrick University of Missouri, USA
Allyson Kiss University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Sarah Krowka Vanderbilt University, USA
Timo Luke University of Wuppertal, Germany
Lauren Meyer University of Arizona, USA
Kristen Newell University of Minnesota
Michael Paal University of Seigen, Germany
Sam Patton Vanderbilt University
June Preast University of Missouri, USA
Anthony Roberson Louisiana State University
Alex Smith University of Missouri - Columbia
Crystal Taylor University of Missouri, USA
Roxette van den Bosch Leiden University, The Netherlands
Kyle Wagner University of Minnesota
Matthew Zajic University of California, Davis
Editorial Assistant
Sarah Conoyer Texas A&M - Commerce
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    Any questions should be directed to the editorial office:
    Erica Lembke, PhD
    University of Missouri
    College of Education
    Department of Special Education
    311 J Townsend Hall
    Columbia, MO 65211

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