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Assessment of Sexual Offenders Against Children

Assessment of Sexual Offenders Against Children

Second Edition
  • Vernon L. Quinsey - Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Queen's University at Kingston, Canada
  • Martin L. Lalumiere - University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Volume: 1

June 2001 | 104 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Written for mental health professionals, this indispensable guide reviews the range of relevant literature covering issues in assessing child molesters. Fully updated, this volume directs the professional to the most current knowledge available on the subject in a compact, accessible form. Readers will learn from this resource which characteristics do and do not distinguish child molesters, which situational factors are related to molestation, which instruments are used in the assessment of child molesters, how assessment information is used to appraise risk and guide treatment, and all of the elements of a useful assessment report.

New to This Edition: --The authors have brought the book up to date with the relevant literature through 1999, with special emphasis on new assessment instruments and issues in recidivism --This book also differs from the first edition in that the test for continuing education credits will not be included in the volume; the CE credits will be printed and sold separately, in keeping with the revised APSAC Study Guides agreement.

Conceptual Description
Implications for Practice
Recommended Assessment Instruments

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ISBN: 9780761924319