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Skonieczny, Amy

Amy Skonieczny San Francisco State University, USA

Amy Skonieczny is Professor at San Francisco State University in the International Relations Department. Her research interests include populism and foreign policy, narratives and US trade politics, and the study of national identity and foreign policy discourses. She completed her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Minnesota. Skonieczny’s publications over the past five years have focused on the rise of populism in the United States, particularly with the Trump presidency and its impact on US trade policy. She is a co-editor of the book series Global Populisms and a board member of the journal Populism. Her recent publications include “Saying the Unspeakable: Populism, Performance and the Politics of Covid-19,” forthcoming in Populism; Political Communication and Performative Leadership in International Politics, edited by Corina Lacatus, Georg Lofflmann and Gustav Meibauer (with Giorgio Boggio); “The Trump Shock: Populism and Changing Narratives of US Foreign Policy” (with Georg Lofflmann and Rubrick Biegon) in Populist Foreign Policy: Regional Perspectives of Populism in the International Scene, edited by Philip Giurlando and Daniel Wajner (2023); “Economic Security and the US-China Trade War” in Contemporary Cases in U.S. Foreign Policy: From National Security to Human Security, 6th edition, edited by Ralph Carter (2021); "Trump Talk: Rethinking Elections, Rhetoric, and American Foreign Policy" in the journal Politics (2021); and "The Trump Effect: Toxic Politics and Emotional Populism in US-China Relations" (with Ancita Sherel), forthcoming in the special issue "The Effects of Global Populism" in International Affairs (expected Fall 2024).