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Anna Ershler Richert Mills College

Anna Ershler Richert, Ph.D. is a professor of Education at Mills College where she co-directs the Teachers for Tomorrows Schools Credential Program.  She came to Mills from Stanford University where she was Associate Director of the Stanford Teacher Education Program for three years.  She is active in various school reform efforts both locally and nationally including the Coalition of Essential Schools and Bay Area School Reform Collaborative. Currently she is a teacher education scholar with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and secretary of Division K of the American Education Research Association.  Recent publications reflect her interest in narrative methodology for teacher education and teacher research.  They include two book chapters:  "Narratives that teach:  Learning about teaching from the stories teachers tell," in Narrative Knowing in Teaching:  Exemplars of Reflective Teaching, Research and Teacher Education (2002), Lyons, Nona and LaBoskey, Vicki, (Eds.) Teachers College Press; and "Narratives as Experience Texts:  Writing Themselves Back In" (2001) in Teachers Caught in the Action:  The Work of Professional Development, Lieberman, A. and Miller, L., (Eds.), Teachers College Press.  Her research interests focus on teacher inquiry, teacher professional development, and the pedagogy of teacher education.