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Annabel Ness Evans Concordia University of Edmonton

Annabel Ness Evans  received her PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of Alberta in 1979.
She was the Chair of the Department of Psychology at Concordia University of Edmonton from 1975 until 2013, when she retired as Professor Emerita to muddle about in her garden, ski her brains out, and basically have a really good time.
She has written two previous texts. Her Using Basic Statistics in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (2014) is in its fifth edition and is available from Sage. She has coauthored a book, Principles of Behavior Analysis (1994), with Lyle Grant. 
Annabel’s sons, Christiaan, Marcus, and Luke, are grown and on their own so she lives with her Havanese dog, Skye, who has shown a notable lack of interest in psychological research.