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Bella Dicks Cardiff University, UK

Bella Dicks has published and researched in the areas of qualitative methodology, heritage and museums, regeneration and post-industrial identities, cultural display and digital methodologies. She has written a number of books, including: Heritage, Place and Community (University of Wales Press, 2000);  Out of the Ashes (with David Waddington, Chas Critcher and David Parry: Routledge, 2001); Culture on Display (Open University Press, 2004); Children, Place and Identity (with Jonathan Scourfield, Mark Drakeford and Andrew Davies: Routledge, 2006) Qualitative Research and Ethnography (with Bruce Mason, Amanda Coffey and Paul Atkinson: Sage 2005) and edited the four-volume set Digital Qualitative Research Methods (Sage 2012).