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Billie Jean Collins Emory University, USA

Billie Jean Collins (PhD 1989, Yale University) is a Hittitologist. Her research focuses in particular on religion and society in the Anatolian Late Bronze Age and on text-critical approaches to the written sources that testify to those. She is author of The Hittites and Their World (Society of Biblical Literature, 2007) and editor of A History of the Animal World in the Ancient Near East (Brill, 2002), and Anatolian Interfaces: Hittites, Greeks and Their Neighbors: Proceedings of an International Conference on Cross-Cultural Interaction, September 17–19, 2004, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, with Mary Bachvarova and Ian Rutherford (Oxford). She is currently completing a volume entitled Hittite Rituals from Luwian Lands (SBL Writings from the Ancient World, forthcoming). This is an edition of more than 30 rituals along with extensive discussion. She is also co-editing (with Sandra Blakely) a proceedings volume, Religious Convergence in the Ancient Mediterranean (Lockwood, 2018), and working on a text-critical analysis of the prayers of Mursili II.