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Bryan J. Rooney Concordia University of Edmonton

Bryan J. Rooney is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Concordia University of Edmonton. He enjoys teaching research methods and finds the process of helping students design and implement their own research projects particularly rewarding. When students learn about research by developing their own projects, they experience the frustrations, excitements, and occasional disappointments that are part of the process. They also discover how fun it is to seek answers to questions that pique their curiosity. He has taught research methods for over 15 years and also teaches introductory and intermediate statistics. His research background is in visual and auditory sensation and perception, and more recent interests include quality-of-life issues for people with dementia. When he is not involved in the life of his busy family, you can find him skiing or riding his motorcycles depending on the season. He earned his PhD in psychology from Carleton University in Ottawa and his BSc and MSc from the University of Calgary.