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Chahid Fourali London Metropolitan University, UK

Dr Chahid Fourali (IoE, UCL) has backgrounds in psychology, education and marketing and has published in all three areas. He led the consultation with the UK Government to set up the Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Body, which he then led for eight years, as well as, the development of three sets of world-class national occupational standards (in Marketing, Sales and Social Marketing) that were supported by many internationally recognized marketing/business gurus. These standards are now the basis for all nationally recognized qualifications in the UK in the three professional areas. Dr Fourali is Senior Lecturer in Management at the London Metropolitan Business School and is examiner/subject expert for Cambridge University and University of Hertfordshire. He achieved Fellowship or professional membership status from several international organisations including FRSA, FCIM and BABCP. His recent book Social Marketing: A Powerful Tool for Changing the World for Good received very encouraging reviews including being selected for one of the Levitt Group 5 Great Minds events organized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.