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David M. Donahue Mills College

Dave Donahue, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Education at Mills College, Oakland, California, where he is also Co-Director of the secondary English-social studies teacher credential program.  Previously, he was a curriculum writer and developmental editor and social studies teacher in public schools.  He has worked with Amnesty International’s Human Rights Education program and the Canadian Human Rights Foundation over the past ten years and has developed and led training programs on human rights for teachers and activists in the U.S., Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. He is the author of two human rights curriculum guides, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights:  A Human Rights Perspective  and, with Nancy Flowers, The Uprooted:  Refugees and the United States.   His research interests include learning from community service and preparing secondary teachers to teach reading and writing in subject area classes.