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Elizabeth G. Creamer Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Blacksburg, USA

Elizabeth G. Creamer is professor of educational research in the School of Education at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University where she has balanced administrative and faculty roles since 1980. Beginning her career as a high school reading and English teacher, once at Virginia Tech she initially moved into teaching course at the undergraduate level, including nearly ten years in the Women’s Studies Program where she taught courses in feminist research methods in the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies. An inclination to interdisciplinary thinking is what led her to teach her first mixed methods research course in the late 1990s. A person with broad ranging interests, including about writers and the writing process, Creamer has maintained a long-standing research agenda that centered on women’s interest and success in fields in engineering and information technology. Actively engaged in a series of inter-related research projects funded by the National Science Foundation, she is co-author of a 2007 volume, Reconfiguring the Firewall: Recruiting Women to IT Across Cultures and Continents and in 2010, Development and Assessment of Self-Authorship: Exploring the Concept Across Cultures. Creamer teaches both an introductory, on-line and an advanced mixed methods research design course at the graduate level, as well as an advanced qualitative research methods course with an emphasis on constructivist grounded theory. Her interest in mixed methods studies with a robust qualitative component is evident in her selection of exemplary publications for this textbook.