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Fossard, Esta de

Esta de Fossard Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC, USA

Esta de Fossard is part-time Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, D.C., USA. She was a senior communication advisor at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Communication Programs. She previously taught at the universities of Southern California and Ohio, as well as at George Mason University in Virginia. de Fossard has served as an international freelance consultant for numerous projects using radio or television for behavior change or classroom education. Her role involves assisting with curriculum design, training, production, and evaluation of the media campaign. Her practical experience in using media for behavior change spans 60 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. She is also a prolific author with more than 50 books, both for adults and children, to her credit.

She recently received The Heritage Award from Johns Hopkins University, a prestigious award that reflects ‘the University’s gratitude and appreciation to its alumni and members who have contributed outstanding service to the progress of the university over an extended period of time’. Her books on Social or Behavior Change include:

1. “Communication for Behavior Change” series (with SAGE India) Volume 1: Writing and Producing Radio Dramas (2005) Volume 2 (with John Riber): Writing and Producing for Television and Film (2005) Volume 3 (with Michael Bailey): Communication for Behavior Change: Using Edu-tainment for Distance Education in Community Work (2008).

2. How to Design and Produce Radio Serial Drama for Social Change: A Program Manager’s Guide.

3. How to Write a Radio Serial Drama for Social Development: A Script Writer’s Manual.

4. Writing for Interactive Radio Instruction.