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Faiz Ullah Assistant Professor, School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai

Faiz Ullah is an assistant professor at the School of Media and Cultural Studies, TISS, Mumbai, where he teaches courses in media studies, community media and journalism. He has published research-based articles on the political economy of media, work and labour, documentary film and participatory cultures in various journals and edited volumes. In 2016, he co-directed a short documentary, Under the Open Sky, featuring a young women’s sports initiative in Mumbai, focusing on women’s access to public spaces. In 2017, he co-translated noted Urdu writer Intizar Hussain’s cultural history of Delhi as Once There was a City Named Dilli. His feature pieces and book reviews have appeared in the Book Review India, Biblio, Scroll, the Wire, Mint, the Tribune, Kafila, Raiot and Art India, among others.