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Frederika Roberts Educational Consultant, UK

Positive Education advocate and former teacher Frederika Roberts has extensive experience in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents, staff, and parents / carers through her speaking, training and consultancy work.  

She holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and is undertaking a Doctorate in Education with a research focus on whole school wellbeing, based on the model of whole school positive education she developed during her Master’s degree. 

She is the author of Recipe for Happiness (2013) and For Flourishing’s Sake (2020) and co-author of Character Toolkit for Teachers (2018) and the Character Toolkit Strength Cards (2020).  Frederika is also the founder and Managing Director of ‘Educate to Flourish CIC’, a social enterprise with a mission to support children’s flourishing.  Educate to Flourish CIC supports schools in adopting a whole school approach to wellbeing, placing it at the heart of everything they do.

Frederika has presented at Positive Psychology and Education conferences in the UK and worldwide and is a guest lecturer on postgraduate Positive Education modules in Paris and Singapore. 

Frederika tweets at @frederika_r, @EduFlourish and @FlourishingED.