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Goran Bergstrom Stockholm University, Sweden

Göran Bergström is Assistant Professor in Political Science, Department of Political Science, at Stockholm University, Sweden. For a long time he was Director of Education. He has studied ideological change in Education Policy and with particular interest in the Swedish Labour Party. Recent publications include articles in Pedagogical content knowledge, more specifically how the relation between Content knowledge and Pedagocical content knowledge is developed in Social science/Civics research projects (with Linda Ekström, Nordidactica – Journal of Humanities and Social Science Education 2015, (1)). He has also recently studied how a central core value in the Swedish educational system has been interpretated among school leaders (with Linda Ekström, Utbildning & Demokrati 2/2016). Göran Bergström has published Textens mening och makt (with Kristina Boréus, Studentlitteratur), a Swedish textbook, third edition 2012.