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Govind Kelkar UNIFEM-IFAD Gender Mainstreaming Programme, New Delhi, India

Govind Kelkar is Coordinator, IFAD–UNIFEM Gender Mainstreaming Programme in Asia, New Delhi, and the founding Editor of the journal Gender, Technology and Development. She has previously taught at Delhi University, the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand where she also founded the graduate programme in Gender and Development Studies. Dr Kelkar has previously co-authored Gender and Tribe: Women, Land and Forests (1991), and co-edited Feminist Challenges in the Information Age (2002), and Gender Relations in Forest Societies in Asia: Patriarchy at Odds (2003). Dr Kelkar is a frequent consultant to IFAD, Rome, UNIFEM, New Delhi and other UN organizations on mainstreaming gender in development besides being a keynote speaker at many related conferences.