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Ingrid J. Guerra-Lopez Wayne State University, USA

Ingrid J. Guerra is an Assistant Professor at the Wayne State University. Previously, she was an assistant professor at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where she taught across two graduate programs, Performance Improvement & Instructional Design, and Public Administration. She is also a pri­vate consultant for private and public organizations   nationally and internationally and a professional member of Roger Kaufman & Associates. She has served as Chair of Needs Assessment TIG for the American Evaluation Association and Chair of the Research Committee for the International Society for Performance Improvement. In addition, she has published articles in journals such as International Public Management Review, International Journal for Educational Reform, Performance Improvement Quarterly, Performance Improvement Journal, Human Resource Development Quarterly, Educational Technology, and Quarterly Review of Distance Education, among others. Ingrid received her PhD and MA in Instructional Systems and her bachelor’s in Psychology from the Florida State University.