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Jacqueline DeLaat Marietta College

Jacqueline DeLaat is McCoy Professor of political science at Marietta College in Ohio and she also teaches online for the University of Maryland’s University College. In addition, she has lectured in China and Brazil, and in 2003 was selected for a Fulbright Teaching Award. Her educational background is in American politics and she holds a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh in public administration. For over twenty five years Dr. DeLaat has taught political science in small liberal arts institutions, with major teaching areas in public policy, public administration, American politics and institutions, and women in politics and the workplace. She is known as an enthusiastic teacher, favoring active student projects and a dynamic classroom—including the frequent use of current event projects, case studies, and simulations. Prior to her teaching career, Dr. DeLaat worked in the Washington, D.C. area, and held a variety of administrative post in government and in quasi-governmental organizations. Her Washington experience has enhanced both her subsequent teaching and research. She has also consulted with several colleges and universities, as well as private and governmental organizations, on gender issues. For the past decade, Dr. DeLaat’s professional agenda has focused on the development of a series of teaching cases designed to prepare students, and workers, for gender issues in the contemporary workplace. Originally centered in the United States, the work has recently broadened to include case studies set in workplaces in other countries, including Brazil, China and Germany. Her cases are frequently presented at international case study meetings, and have won awards including a special grant from the American Bar Association’s Commission on Justice and Education. Within the political science community, she has presented on the pedagogy and development of case studies. Additionally, she has also presented at several International Women’s Conferences, and in 2005 conducted an interactive workshop on gender in the workplace at the first Women’s Leadership Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.