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James Pembroke School Data Analyst and Advisor

James Pembroke has 15 years’ experience of working with education data, including five years working as a data analyst in a local authority school improvement team. He set up the Sig+ consultancy in 2014 to help schools across the country make sense of their data and has been tweeting, blogging, and talking on the subject ever since. James has worked with many organisations - notably as a member of ASCL’s primary assessment expert panel and the Department for Education’s Reception Baseline Stakeholder Group - and has spoken at numerous national conferences including the legendary Learning First events. He joined the team at Insight in 2018 where he continues to fight against zombie levels and advise schools on the rights and wrongs of tracking. When he’s not working with data, James goes bouldering and runs up and down hills. He lives in Cheltenham with his wife Katy and daughters Martha and Rosa.