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Jamie Lewis Cardiff University, UK

Jamie Lewis is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University. His research is mainly situated in the Sociology of Science and Technology Studies (STS), but also extends to the public understanding of science (PUS) and medical sociology. He is presently working on a Expert Citizen Science project on air pollution. He is one of the authors of Psychiatric Genetics: from hereditary madness to big biology and is writing a book examining the development and stabilisation of Bigfootology.

His area of research interests include:
·         developments in qualitative research;
·         the boundaries between science, pseudo-science and non-science
·         the sociology of biomedical knowledge with particular emphasis on the social implications of new genetic and stem cell technologies;
·         issues of culture, interdisciplinarity and collaboration in big science;
·         public engagement and public understanding of risk;
·         aspects of practical accomplishment and modelling in the laboratory
;·         science, activism and civic repair.

He is also an editor of the journal, Qualitative Research.