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Jared Smith St George's University of London, UK

Dr Jared Smith is a research fellow in mental health at St George's.

His major areas of interest are health science, behavioural medicine, and neuropsychology. Specifically, Dr Smith investigates cognitive, learning, and behavioural processes in people with clinical and/or neurological disorders, and the extent to which these processes impact on daily function and are affected by treatments including psychological-based interventions. More generally, he is interested in research involving clinical and neurological rehabilitation, especially in regard to providing evidence-based healthcare for these populations in the form of effective treatments and rehabilitation methods.

Dr Smith’s current projects involve investigating: predictors of successful outcome of pain management interventions for people with chronic pain - including the influence of neurocognitive function; the benefits of pain management approaches for people with sickle cell disease; the psychosocial burden of surgically-induced nerve injury; the detection of non-credible complaints in clinical populations; and the feasibility of a navigation approach to care coordination for people with severe mental illness.