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Jari Metsamuuronen Adjunct Professor and Special Evaluation Expert, Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, Helsinki, Finland.

Jari Metsämuuronen is Adjunct Professor and Special Evaluation Expert at Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, Helsinki, Finland. He worked for 10 years as a nurse, primarily in emergency rooms. In 1990, he graduated with a PhM of education (classroom teacher). After gaining a degree in statistics, he made his doctoral dissertation in the area of education. His thesis, Interests and Intentional Learning, concerned the structures of commitment in intentional learning. The second monograph, Intentional Learning and Motive Structures, concerned the structures of motives in intentional learning. In 1999, he was named as an Adjunct Professor of Education at the University of Helsinki. During 1997–1998 and 2005–2007, he worked as a futurologist in areas of social welfare and health care and education. He was also the editor of FUTURA, a scientific journal of the Finnish Future Studies Society during 1998–2000. On the basis of his studies and several scientific articles, he wrote two futurological books: World Is Changing—How About Social Welfare and Health Care? (1998, reprinted in 2000) and Finding the Future of Social Welfare and Health Care (2001). From 1998 onwards, he has been a senior methodologist in the student assessment unit on the Finnish National Board of Education and, since 2014, at Finnish Education Evaluation Centre. He has also served as an international consultant in Sri Lanka (2002), Kenya (2005), Ethiopia (2005), Palestine (2008, 2009), Chile (2013), and Nepal (2010, 2011?2014).

From 1996 onwards, he has been a lecturer of research methodology in several universities and polytechnics in Finland. He has popularized research methodology in 10 volumes of the Methodology series (2000–2009) and 11 volumes of e-books of the same series (2002). His largest book, Handbook of Basics of Research Methods in Human Sciences was first published in 2002. The fourth edition of the handbook was published in 2009 and its e-book version in 2011 (both in Finnish and English). This book was given the Grant of Finnish State for Public Information in 2007. The Handbook of Practical Qualitative Research (in Finnish) was published in 2006.

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