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Jeanette M. Daly, RN, PhD University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA

Jeanette M. Daly, RN, PhD is a Research Scientist in the Department of Family Medicine, Carver College of Medicine, the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. She is also the Associate Director of the Iowa Research Network, a practice-based research network of about 300 family medicine physicians throughout Iowa. She is well-known for her collaboration with practice-based research networks across the country and works with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality P30 awards as a member of the Meta-network Learning and Research Center. Meta-LARC provides a robust infrastructure capable of managing large clinical trials and practice transformation initiatives. Dr. Daly is known internationally for her research in elder abuse primarily with elder abuse legislation and its impact on adult protective services. For the past ten years, Dr. Daly has been a co-investigator on studies investigating screening for colorectal cancer. She has focused on the test characteristics of fecal immunochemical tests.