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John Solomos The University of Warwick, UK

John Solomos is a professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick. His teaching is focused on the sociology of race and racism, sociological theory, human rights and social theory, qualitative research methods and multiculturalism and citizenship. He has supervised a wide range of PhD students in both his own areas of research interest and in other fields of sociology. He welcomes the opportunity to work with PhD students and is interested to receive informal inquiries from prospective research students. He is currently supervising students working on a range of issues, including migration and refugees, minority families and social capital, Turkish-speaking youth in London and Cuban music and popular culture. He serves on the Strategic Research Board of the Economic and Social Research Council. He is also joint editor with Martin Bulmer of the international journal Ethnic and Racial Studies, published 12 times a year by Routledge.