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Joseph Gallo, MD, MPH Johns Hopkins University, USA

My work includes publications on risk factors, course, and epidemiology of psychiatric disorders, the form of depression in late life, health services research in mental health, the co-morbidity of depression and medical conditions, primary health care and mental health, cognitive impairment, and methodology. I wrote seminal papers on “depression without sadness” or alternative presentations of depression in older persons. I was the PI for the “Spectrum of depression in late life,” a group of linked studies to investigate depression in late life, and I am PI for the PROSPECT follow-up ("Long term outcomes of depression in late life"), an intervention study of depression care management in primary care. Both studies have made substantial contributions understanding depression in older adults. The Spectrum study was highly interdisciplinary and productive, and involved community members in the research team. I teach a course in the School of Public Health called the “Intersection of mental and physical health” that draws students from several schools of the University. My research on mental health in primary health care has incorporated mixed methods (i.e., methods derived from both epidemiologic and anthropologic traditions). In recognition of my mentoring ability, I was awarded an NIMH Mid-Career Investigator Award in Patient-Oriented Research, I serve as a mentor in NIMH’s Advanced Research Institute, and in 2008 I was the first recipient of the Steven Banks Award for mentoring in public mental health from the American Public Health Association. I direct the Mixed Methods Research Training Program for the Health Sciences supported by OBSSR.

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