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Judith E. Powers Education Consultant

Having earned degrees at both Barnard College and Teachers College, Columbia University, Judy Powers began her career teaching at the elementary level for 10 years. As both a teacher and a policy board chair of a New York State Teacher Center, Judy conducted professional development courses in the areas of mathematics and classroom management. During her 16 years as an elementary school principal, Judy continued to conduct district- and building-based training and led schools based on a continuous improvement model. While a teacher, principal, and interim assistant superintendent, Judy consistently worked to build strong connections between school and community stakeholders. She led several regional workshops on teacher evaluation, supervision, and staff development. Judy now is a consultant to educational organizations. She has coordinated a mentorship program and now coordinates regional professional development, oversees curriculum development, coaches elementary administrators, and conducts staff development in the areas of leadership and curriculum development in both public and private schools.