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Kerric Harvey George Washington University, USA

A tenured associate professor and the Associate Director of the Center for Innovative Media in the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University, Dr. Kerric Harvey is also a working playwright and multimedia producer who explores intercultural conflict in a wide variety of periods and places, including real-world, online, and social media landscapes. She also writes about the media arts and cultural archetypes in the public imagination, the anthropological effects of new media technologies, digital storytelling, and the relationship between new media narratives and political identity.

In 1995 she was appointed as one of 33 participants who constituted a National Science Foundationn task force charged by the Clinton White House with setting a 21st-century national research agenda for Internet issues from the anthropological perspective. Her research and policy development work during the formative stages of the Internet era continued with a two-year stint on the Smithsonian Institution’s Curriculum Initiative Program National Advisory Board.

Her work in new technologies and society continues through her appointment as a 2012 visiting scholar at the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library, by a host of publications ranging from books to juried academic articles, and by her many international academic presentations including recent talks at the Oxford Internet Institute and at the British Museum.

An award-winning teacher, she has been on the George Washington University faculty for just over 20 years. Harvey worked as a reporter in Native American print journalism; in research, script development, and production for educational film; in production and operations in public access television; and with the International Documentary unit of the Seattle public television affiliate station. Harvey balances her academic career with international theater, multimedia, and documentary productions in both physical and virtual spaces. She has had her original dramatic work produced professionally in Scotland; Ireland; New York; Pennsylvania; Vancouver, Canada; and Washington, D.C.; as well as having original radio drama aired on Canadian public radio in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and on RTE-One, Ireland’s premiere public radio station, which broadcast her 2001 Driving in Ireland as a Play of the Week. She is a member of the University Film and Video Association, the Irish Film Institute, and the Dramatists Guild of America, as well as a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute.