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Boyd, Michelle

Michelle R. Boyd InkWell Academic Writing Retreats

Michelle Boyd, PhD is the founder of InkWell Academic Writing Retreats, a transformative, retreat-based training program that teaches scholars to overcome their writing fears. She is also a self-described “struggling writer” whose success as an award-winning, former tenured faculty member belied the challenges she faced throughout her career as an academic. Scholars who work with Michelle call her coaching “magical,” but it’s not magic—it’s science. Her coaching programs are rooted in research showing that each scholar has their own natural writing process, and that many of their struggles come from external barriers that prevent them from recognizing, accessing, or trusting that process when they need it. Michelle has been leading retreats since 2012, when she cofounded and coached her first retreat as a faculty member. The only thing she loves more than writing is helping scholars who dread writing develop a calm, confident, productive writing practice.