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Darmell, Micke

Micke Darmell Author, Public Speaker and CEO of Gr8 Meetings

Micke Darmell is Sweden’s foremost evangelist for improving personal and business relationships. He has over 20 years of experience in the area and has been running a consultancy company “gr8 meetings” for the past 9 years, helping organizations and individuals improve relations at work and at home. With a background in healthcare, he has an interest in people and human connections. Micke was one of the first to identify that constant connection is leading to major issues in personal and business lives. In 2013, his much acclaimed book Uppkopplad eller Avkopplad was released in Sweden. Since then, Micke has had the opportunity to meet thousands of people in his role as a public speaker. Today, he is one of Sweden’s most sought-after speakers on topics related to constant connectedness.