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Purvi Gandhi

Purvi, also known as Vi, brings more than 20 years of experience as an educator, having taught in both state and independent schools in the UK. She holds an MA in Psychology and later earned an MBA in Educational Leadership. Before her teaching career in the UK, Purvi primarily served as a psychotherapist in the USA, specialising in child and adolescent mental health.

Throughout her career, Purvi has engaged in numerous research projects, yielding improvements for both colleagues and students. Many of these projects have pinpointed the crucial social and emotional aspects of learning, integral to enhancing teaching effectiveness. As a practising educator, Purvi understands the importance of evidence-backed, effective strategies that can be embedded into practice. Over the past decade, she has dedicated herself to researching, implementing, and evaluating diverse practical strategies for promoting mental health in education. 

One notable initiative, that was effective in her context, involved the creation of a tailored Year 9 Positive Psychology Curriculum, drawing inspiration from the works of Seligman, Duckworth, Zimbardo, and Chamene. This curriculum delivered a toolkit designed to bolster students' psychological well-being. Quantitative and qualitative data collected to measure the impact confirmed the benefits of the course.  The techniques in the toolkit enhanced students’ sense of purpose and reinforced relationships resulting in a positive effect on academic outcomes.

Inspired by feedback from numerous colleagues, students, and parents who suggested making the course's insights available to all teachers, Purvi has authored this guide for teachers. It is her hope that educators will find this resource valuable in fostering well-being in schools.

Purvi Gandhi has been Shortlisted for Psychology Teacher of the Year award by the British Psychological Society.