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Wiers, Reinout

Reinout Wiers University of Amsterdam, Department of Psychology, the Netherlands

Reinout W. Wiers is Research Associate Professor at Maastricht University, The Netherlands.  He received his Masters in Psychonomics (experimental psychology and psychophysiology) at the University of Amsterdam (1992, with honors) and his PhD (1998, with honors) at the University of Amsterdam on cognitive and neuropsychological indicators of enhanced risk for alcoholism.  He has published many articles in international journals on addiction research and in cognitive science.  Dr. Wiers and colleagues were the first to apply the implicit assocation test to alcohol abuse and are currently focusing on theory, assessment and practical applications of implicit drug-related cognitions, with a grant from the Dutch National Science Foundation (N.W.O. Vidi-grant).  He is collaborating with Alan W. Stacy of the University of Southern California in an international project (N.W.O.-Addiction and N.I.D.A.) on implicit cognition and prevention in high-risk youth.