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Rhodri Owen-Jones Energy Analyst, Corporate Strategy and Planning, Shell

Rhodri Owen-Jones is an Energy Analyst in Corporate Strategy and Planning, having joined Shell in 2008. In his current position, Rhodri is heavily involved in the quantification and modelling of the Shell New Lens Scenarios, as well as communicating the resulting work to a wider global audience. His work also includes modelling global long-term energy supply and demand, analysing and advising senior leadership on short-term oil and gas market developments as well as managing a joint research project on future Indian energy pathways. He is also Business Advisor to the Executive Vice President of Strategy in the RDS Group. Rhodri has previously worked in Production Engineering at NAM BV as well as coordinating and running a Europe-wide benchmarking exercise of Shell’s European assets. He holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering having graduated from the University of Bath in 2008 with first-class honours.