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Ritu Mathur PhD, Professor, Department of Energy and Environment, TERI University

Ritu Mathur, PhD, has been leading the Energy Policy Modelling and Scenario Building activities at TERI over the last two decades and is currently also associated with TERI University as Professor in the Department of Energy and Environment.

An economist by training and with a PhD in Energy Science from Kyoto University, Japan, her work largely focuses on addressing policy and regulatory aspects related to the energy sector, examining the potentials and challenges to cleaner energy choices while addressing energy security and development-related considerations of developing countries, cost–benefit analysis and evaluation of synergies and trade-offs of alternative technological and policy pathways, etc.

She has led several national and international interdisciplinary projects and has authored several papers, reports and books related with energy use and its implications on the environment at the local and global levels in order to inform and influence various stakeholders in decision-making.

Dr Mathur has been associated as a member of several committees including the Expert Group on Low Carbon Strategies for Inclusive Growth, Steering Committee on Energy Sector for India’s Five Year Plans, Sustainable Growth Working Group of the U.S.-India Energy Dialogue led by NITI Aayog (formerly Planning Commission of India), etc. She was also a Lead Author in Working Group III of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, and a Reviewer in IPCC AR4.