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Simon Western Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd

Dr Simon Western is CEO and founder of Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd, an avant garde coaching company whose purpose is to ‘coach leaders to act in good faith to create the good society’  He is an internationally recognised thought leader on coaching and leadership; a consultant, coach, keynote speaker, academic and author of two acclaimed books; Leadership: A Critical Text (SAGE, 2013) and Coaching and Mentoring: A Critical Text (SAGE, 2012).  Simon works with senior leaders on strategy, organizational change and their personal leadership challenges. Bringing critical theory, networked theory and psychoanalytic thinking to help leaders develop new insights, act ethically and create change in organizational life is key to his work.

He currently holds positions as President and CEO of ISPSO (the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations) and Adjunct Professor of University College Dublin.