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Siti Aqilah Jahari Sunway University, Malaysia

Dr. Aqilah is a Lecturer at the Department of Marketing, Sunway University Business School (SUBS). She received her PhD from Monash University in 2018, and graduated from her alma mater with First Class Honours prior to pursuing her postgraduate studies. At Sunway University, she teaches Business Research Design and Business Research Execution to penultimate students for their final year project under the Lancaster University (UK) programme. 

Dr. Aqilah’s primary research interests lie in tourism marketing and consumer behaviour, with specific focus on understanding the impact of religiosity, perceived risk and constraints negotiation on tourist behaviour. Committed to multi-disciplinary research, Dr Aqilah’s passion for research is driven by drawing upon theories from both tourism and marketing disciplines to understand travel phenomenon. Her research work has been published in book chapters, international conferences and refereed journals. Apart from contributing to knowledge, she regularly reviews papers for Journal of Vacation Marketing (JVM) and Australasian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS). In 2015, she was awarded a competitive research grant from Sumitomo Foundation to spearhead a research project on Muslim-friendly tourism.

Key Publications: 

Jahari, S.A., Ahmed, P.K., & Chew, Y.T. (2019). Understanding consumer’s decision making process: New insights from constraints negotiation theory. Presented at 2019 American Marketing Association (AMA) Summer Academic Conference, 9-11 August, Chicago, USA. ISBN -13: 978-0-87757-005-9

Jahari, S.A., Chew, Y.T., & Ahmed, P.K. (2016). Travel behaviour of Malaysian Muslims to non-muslim countries. Presented at 45th European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), 24-27 May, Oslo, Norway. ISBN: 978-82-8247-284-5

Chew, Y.T., & Jahari, S.A. (2015). A study of the role of country image in destination image. In M. Kozak, & N. Kozak, (Eds.), Destination Marketing: An International Perspective, London: Routledge, (pp. 9-17). ISBN: 978-11-3885-589-2

Chew, Y.T. & Jahari S.A. (2014). Destination image as a mediator between perceived risks and revisit intention: A case of post-disaster Japan. Tourism Management, 40, 382-393.