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Stephanie B. Mizrahi California State University Sacramento

Stephanie B. Mizrahi received her law degree from McGeorge School of Law in 1994 and served as a prosecuting attorney in Washington and Oregon prior to receiving her master's in criminal justice from Washington State University in 2001, and her PhD in criminal justice from Washington State University in 2014. Stephanie’s topic for her dissertation was terrorism policy in relation to chemical and biological terrorism. From 1986-1991, Dr. Mizrahi served in the Central Intelligence Agency. She spent the majority of her time as an analyst in the Office of European Analysis with a year's rotation in the Counterterrorism Center (CTC). She is also an officer in the Western Association of Criminal Justices and has served on several committees for the academy of criminal justice sciences. She teaches in the division of criminal justice at California State University, Sacramento. Her teaching and research interests center around law, terrorism, homeland security and emergency management policy, and curriculum development in homeland security and emergency management programs. She has also served as the conference coordinator and on several committees with the CSU council on emergency management and homeland security (CEMHS).