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Yohuru Rashied Williams

Yohuru Rashied Williams is an associate professor of history at Fairfield University and the vice president for history education of the American Institute for History Education. He is the author of Black Politics/White Power; editor of A Constant Struggle: African-American History from 1865 to the Present; and coeditor of In Search of the Black Panther and Liberated Territory: Toward A Local History of the Black Panther Party.

Williams began his educational career as a high school history teacher in Washington, DC, where he first began to develop many of the ideas included in Teaching U.S. History Beyond the Textbook. After earning a PhD in history from Howard University, Williams served as director of social studies education at Delaware State University, training preservice history teachers, and in 2002 was tapped as a consultant for the National Council for History Education. A sought-after, dynamic speaker, Williams has been conducting seminars and colloquia for history teachers around the nation since 2005.