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Batterer Intervention Systems

Batterer Intervention Systems
Issues, Outcomes, and Recommendations

  • Edward W. Gondolf - Mid-Atlantic Addiction Training Institute, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

November 2001 | 364 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

"Batterer Intervention Systems is a very important book--probably the most important one on batter interventions and evaluations to date.... The writing style is very strong, conversational, and kept my interest. It presents complex information in a non-technical way. The book should be very accessible to a wide audience."

—JEFFREY L. EDLESON, Professor of Social Work, University of Minnesota,

and Director, Minnesota Center Against Violence & Abuse (MINCAVA)

One of the most burning debates in the domestic violence field is over the effectiveness of batterer programs and how to improve them. Batterer Intervention Systems responds to this debate with research from a multi-site evaluation of batterer programs—the most comprehensive and extensive evaluation to date. It critiques current experimental evaluations, exposes the complex issues of evaluation, and presents alternatives to assessing effectiveness. A four-year follow-up of program participants reveals a surprising de-escalation of abuse, a subgroup of unresponsive repeat reassaulters, and the difficulty in identifying the most dangerous men. Conventional batterer counseling appears to be appropriate for the vast majority of men. Most of all, the book shows that the "system" matters and can be improved through some straightforward adjustments.

1. Introduction: The Emergence of Batterer Programs and Intervention Systems
2. Evaluating if Batterer Programs Work
3. The Limitations of Previous Evaluations
4. Comparing Batterer Intervention Systems
5. The Diverse Characteristics of Program Participants
6. The De-Escalation of Reassault and Other Abuse
7. Evidence of a Program Effect
8. Difficulty in Identifying the Most Dangerous Men
9. Conclusion: The System Matters
Appendix: Research Staff
Key features

investigates the effectiveness of batterer intervention

draws on the most comprehensive and extensive study of batterer intervention to date

explains and critiques approaches to program evaluation and poses alternatives

exposes the many issues associated with doing program evaluation and assessing effectiveness

identifies the impact of the program context—or "intervention system"—on effectiveness

answers the most pressing programming and policy questions with research information

reveals a de-escalation of abuse and an unresponsive group of repeat reassaulters

exposes the problems in predicting dangerousness with risk instruments and batterer types 

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