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Be a Brilliant Dyslexic Student

Be a Brilliant Dyslexic Student

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August 2022 | 132 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
An accessible, positive study guide for students with dyslexia, this book uses tried-and-tested strategies to empower you to achieve your academic goals.

Boost your confidence by learning from other brilliant dyslexic students, and maximise your strengths by learning how to:

·       Work smart and identify how you learn best
·       Increase your reading speed
·       Mind-map effectively
·       Utilise memory and concentration techniques

A message from the author about the book title: 'We understand that many of you don’t want to feel defined by your neurodiversity, but also that it is a part of who you are and your life.  After discussion with some of my students we chose this title for its positivity and empowering message.  Ultimately this guide is to help you play to your strengths and be a brilliant student – with dyslexia.'

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What is Dyslexia? How Does It Affect My Academic Studies?
I Find Organisation and Deadlines Stressful – How Can I Manage My Time Better?
How Do I Deal With Procrastination?
I Read More Slowly Than My Peers - What Can I Do?
My Memory Is Not The Best – How Can I Improve It?
How Can Mind Mapping Help Me With My Academic Studies?
How Do I Get My Thoughts Organised On Paper?
How Can I Improve My Concentration?
How Can I Use My Strengths For Academic Success?


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On every page, one is assured of Sarah Myhill's first-hand knowledge and experience of the concerns of the dyslexic student through her ability to put herself in the shoes of the reader.

There is much in this book which will be beneficial for all students, whether neurodivergent or not.  The use of time is a central theme of the book and one which is addressed through suggestions of ways to prioritise and set goals.  The use of student tips and practical ideas, such as mobile phone apps, offer current and engaging advice to help with the struggle of procrastination, fear of writing and problems with concentration.  There are also spaces provided for students to reflect and make handwritten notes in the book, creating a personal journal and record of learning that can be referred to, along with a helpful and succinct glossary.

Overall, as a non-dyslexic university lecturer, I have discovered through reading this book that there is much I can learn from my dyslexic students and colleagues about their approach to thinking, learning, approaching and depicting problems.

Dr Sarah Evans-Howe MCIM
Lecturer in Business and Marketing | School Academic Integrity Advocate

Accepting dyslexia and being able to navigate my struggles has been a great burden during my years as a student. The book has been great in helping me identify these difficulties with practical skills and tools to tackle them. The activities in the book really push me to look into my development needs which I have not been able to do until now. The breakdown of sections was great when jumping back and forth between key themes throughout, especially when I forget, as we Dyslexics do!

The book has been an eye opener to the themes surrounding Dyslexia and helped me understand that not all students tackle their needs the same. For me it will forever be a handbook on how to deal with my Dyslexia and being able to integrate it into my life as opposed to fighting it. A superb, practical and concise book for those students looking for some help and guidance in what can seem like a difficult academic journey.


Sivan Hamda
Medical Student

An informative, concise and well-structured skills book. Not only is the information relevant but communicated and presented in an accessible and appealing way (...) Now, as a qualified teacher, I read this book with a teacher’s hat. Neurodiversity impacts students and teachers in different yet significant ways and this book provides an insight into the most effective, empowering strategies to combat the feeling of failure and incompetency (often felt by dyslexia). It will remain on my book case for years to come!

Endorsement - Kristy Coppendale
Qualified Teacher – ECT Year 1 (PGCE, University of Buckingham)

This is a brilliant book which I have added to the reading list for trainee teachers. There are an ever-increasing number of neuro-diverse students attending college and teachers need to be able to identify neuro-diversity, even if it is not disclosed, and put strategies in place.

Mrs Janice Ferraccioli
Centre of Learning and Teaching, Edinburgh College
October 20, 2023

This book is really useful for dyslexic students to look at a range of strategies to help them progress further in their learning.

Mrs Jayne Double
ECLIPS, Suffolk New College
October 10, 2023

has been adopted or year 1 Learning in a Healthcare Practice and University module

Mr Mike Huntington
School of Nursing and Caring Sciences, University of Central Lancashire
November 8, 2022

I bought this book partly to understand how I can support my students better and to recommend to students who "dont think they can" just because they have dyslexia, we all know that isnt true. Simple, straightforward and easy to understand. Another excellent book in this series.

Mrs louise burton
Department of Allied Health Professionals, Sheffield Hallam University
August 3, 2022

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